The Entrepreneur Profile

Entrepreneurs are more than just ordinary business people.

Anyone could start a business but only a select few will be entrepreneurs. These individuals aim to

achieve a lot of things and other than earning a fortune, they dream of changing the world and changing  the lives of many. They exist in the business to be of service to people and to extend a helping hand.

1. Self Confidence

Confidence is very important in business because you will be surrounded by different forces that are
bigger and more powerful than you, so you need to have the right confidence to move forward and push against the current. You need to believe in the impossible and most importantly, you need to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve everything you put your heart and mind to.

2. Emotional Stability

The journey that you take is not going to be a simple one. There will be roadblocks and struggles that you  will encounter and if you aren’t careful, these things will keep you from achieving your goals. People will  put you down and they will attack you. If you are weak, you will falter to the point of not knowing how to  move forward. Emotional stability is important because you have to know how to keep your emotions at bay.

3. Love for the Challenge

It is important for you to be some kind of risk taker because entrepreneurs should be ready to go out of  their comfort zones and to take on new challenges. They should not be easily overcome by fear and more  importantly, they should have a great affinity for challenges and risks.

4. Patience

As the journey to the top is not easy and simple, patience is a very good trait to have. You should not be  quick to give up and quick to get frustrated and angry. The journey is not going to be an easy one, so you  have to be prepared for difficulties to arise.

5. Meticulous taste

Being meticulous is just a nice way of saying that you should be a perfectionist. You should not be easily  content. You should demand more and demand for great things. You should set high standards for  yourself and you should not be quick to fold and give up your ideals and principles.

6. Innovation

You should be creative and have a creative mind. Instead of being someone who follows trends, you should be the one that starts trends. Entrepreneurs are regarded for their amazing ideas, and if you want  to be good entrepreneur, you should have your own ideas, as well.

7. Flexibility and Adoptability

Change is inevitable. The world is evolving too fast and you should be prepared to handle change. You
should be prepared not to be overwhelmed and be prepared to cope with all sorts of changes along the
These are just some of the many characteristics that help make you the entrepreneur that you ought to  become. Before you could even dream of becoming successful, you should first seek to develop these qualities.

The Success Mindset

Ok, you know what you want from life. You know what you want to do. It is something that you really love and where you’re good at. Also people need what you would offer. You have made your plans and have set your goals. You invested your time and started taking action. But somehow …, something is still not working out. Have you been in this situation? I know I certainly have.

Answer the following question for yourself:

The reason I’m not as successful as I might be is ________________.

My Boss, My Family, My Environment, Other People, Competition, Google? No Money, No Time, No Knowledge, No Drive, No Courage?

This may all be very true, but I’m telling you that this is not the REAL reason.

The Mindset of Successful People

“I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot.” Kobe Bryant

The real cause of why success might not yet have knocked at your door is that you haven’t said to yourself:

“I will do whatever it takes!”

What does that mean? This is a mindset you have to develop. It is the mindset of the winner. The winner figures out what he has to do to get it, and then does that, whatever it takes.

A Shift in Thinking

When you say that you’ll do whatever it takes, that NOTHING will get in your way, something changes. It is a shift in thinking.

1. Now it is not so much about how to get there exactly, because that becomes a flexible construct then. You will figure it out and find a way. So the mindset of “I’ll do whatever it takes” gives you more flexibility.

2. The other aspect is that it takes you to the real of absolute certainty that you will succeed. Success is not in question anymore. You will do whatever is needed to make is a success. That’s why it is a very uplifting and motivating state in itself.

3. The next advantage of that kind of thinking is that this mindset also helps you to get more resourceful. It raises your energy level and gets you excited and energetic, because you feel that you will need that energy.

4. When you say to yourself “I’ll do whatever it takes” it opens up all kind of new possibilities: new ideas come, you don’t feel as boxed in anymore as before. Maybe you start looking at areas for help that before just weren’t on your radar screen. This also gives you more freedom. Freedom in thinking and freedom in acting.

5. It also creates the urge to act. You just can’t wait to get going and make the positive changes that came from your new thinking.

Applying the Success Mindset

Basically this mindset is giving you a new way to look at your situation and challenges you in a very positive way to grow. Are there any practical exercises you can take to train your mind for success? I would simply start to internalize the idea that “I will do whatever it takes” and condition myself with this new mindset. Then see where this takes you from there.