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Platinum SEO review

Full audit of the weaknesses of your website

Feel you have done everything you can to improve rankings and usability? Or simply want to make sure you have created the best website you can? Our Platinum review will help you to improve your website, giving it just that extra nudge it needs to really stand out.

In our Platinum review we will really dive in your website. You will receive the same in depth checks we offer in our Silver and Gold review, but we also:

  • check your site’s link profile;
  • analyze your Google Search Console and your Google Analytics;
  • give our honest Yoast opinion about your site’s SEO, User Experience and design.

You will receive a lengthy audit of our investigation and analysis. This audit will contain many practical tips you will be able to use to improve upon your website. Of course, we allow for questions afterwards (up until six weeks after the review).  Our platinum review will give you the most full analysis of your website!